Aug 012011
Karting Singapore launched their first race of the year at Kartright Speedway as a night race on an evening in early summer.
Several changes were implemented this year following feedback over the 2010 races. These were:
 – classification of Karting Singapore grassroot rental kart racing as the “Thunderkart Racing” series.
- the creation of 2 classes for the “Over 70KG Clubman” and the “Under 70KG Clubman” in order to reduce the effects of weight on racing performance.
- rolling laps would be mandatory for all races. this is aimed to move all participants to a higher awareness of race starts at karting’s higher classes
- zero-tolerance for contact – penalties would be dealt out to participants for reckless or over-enthusiastic racing deemed to potentially lead to collisions or accidents

– adopting Kartright’s blend-line ruling – penalising anyone crossing the blend line at the Pit exit as per the rules introduced by SMSA for sanctioned events held at Kartright

Clubman Over 70KG class
1st – Charles Theseira
2nd – Bong Andres
3rd – Jason Lou
Clubman Under 70KG class
1st – Jonathan Lim
2nd – Tresca Wee
3rd – Jeffrey Sim
Consolation Awards
Race Winner of 2nd Finals for Under 70KG – Lim Zijie
Fastest Lap of Event – Jonathan Lim

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