Aug 162012

Final audience numbers from the 2012 U.S. Rotax Max Grand Nationals are as follows:

– 17,571 unique connections to desktop/laptop PCs/Macs and internet-ready televisions
– 5922 connections to mobile devices of the live streaming video
– audience members from 47 countries watched the broadcast
– 7,894 readers of the live chat
– 22 hours 48 minutes of live broadcast time over three days

  8 Responses to “2012 RMC U.S. Grand Nationals – Event Archive”

  1. we love watching this racing from south africa! thank you for bringing live video and also on-demand videos!

  2. krn just keeps getting better and better, so wonderful to watch our Danny all the way from Costa Rica!!!!!

  3. Great work, guys, I so enjoyed watching my bros south of the Canadian border for three days. not sure what the CanNats organizers are thinking by not using krn for our race at mont-Tremblant! Maybe they weren’t thinking at all! Anyway, can’t wait for the next krn broadcast!!

  4. thank you for bringing these wonderful videos to everyone! bravo to santino who raced here in the UK just recently!

  5. excellent coverage guys. please please, someone tell kutcher we need KRN at the supernats!

    • Krn live coverage at Supernats would be great, but it seems that the promoter and the ranking media partner of the promoter feel otherwise. Too bad, the customers seem to want it.

  6. thoroughly enjoyed your live coverage of this event, what a great job by MRP the Finkes and ALL THE RACERS!!! Can’t wait for your next broadcast!

  7. Just finished watching all of these races, really great stuff KRN! too bad we didn’t get you guys at the Canadian Nationals, whoever they hired really were a big step backwards in quality from krn.

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