Oct 012012

Final audience numbers from the 2012 Rotax Max Challenge Pan-American Championships are as follows:

– 19,218 unique connections to desktop/laptop PCs/Macs and internet-ready televisions
– 5162 connections to mobile devices of the live streaming video
– audience members from 55 countries watched the broadcast
– 8,616 readers of the live chat
– 17 hours 16 minutes of live broadcast time over three days

  4 Responses to “2012 RMC Pan-American Championships – Event Archive”

  1. Stunning coverage KRN!!! Congrats to all the members of team USA and thanks to everyone who makes it possible for us to watch the races anywhere in the world!!!

  2. oustanding videos, and congrats to ASHLEY!!!! Way to go!!!

  3. why isnt there mini max final

    • David,

      There are some issues with the Mini Max footage, and we’re sorry to say that at this point, we’re uncertain when or even if the race will be posted. We apologize for this news, and if we can find some solutions, we will get it uploaded asap.

      – KRN

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