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Caldwell County Courthouse shall be the center of the action at the 2013 LSGP in Lockhart.

UPDATE: The 2013 Texas Lone Star Grand Prix is in the books! Archived footage from all class finals will start appearing here on KRN on Monday, March 11. 

Kart Racing Network ( is pleased to announce that it will broadcast the 2013 Texas Lone Star Grand Prix, live from the streets of Lockhart, Texas on March 2-3. On the heels of last year’s stunningly successful inaugural race, the 2013 edition of the LSGP will introduce an impressive new location, an improved track surface, and an already swelling entry list of drivers throughout the event’s ten classes. The live broadcast, which will center around the beautiful Caldwell County Courthouse building, will feature KRN’s industry-leading live coverage that includes streaming video, live timing, and audience interactivity.

“We are really excited to have Kart Racing Network as a partner in LSGP 2013,” stated Rick Fulks, Co- Race Director of the Lone Star Grand Prix. “We have received a great deal of feedback from the racers and they all agree that having KRN as a part of LSGP 2013 takes the event to another level.”

“Lockhart is a great town with smooth streets, incredible BBQ and a ‘can do’ attitude,” added James “Mac” McMillan, President of Texas Lone Star Grand Prix, Inc. and LSGP Co-Race Director. “We have been working with them on a race for over a year now, and we’re thrilled that the karting community is providing all of the early support for the event. It will be a great race.”

“With this announcement, the organizers of the Lone Star Grand Prix have sent a clear message that the LSGP aims to be one of the finest events in North American karting, and one of the best street races anywhere in the world,” commented KRN Technical Producer Jay Leonard. “Kart Racing Network is privileged that we’ve been chosen to work alongside the LSGP promoters and the city of Lockhart as we broadcast this event to a global audience, and show the world what this race and this quintessential Texas town have to offer.”

For the latest updates and information regarding the 2013 Texas Lone Star Grand Prix, visit the event website at

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  14 Responses to “2013 Texas Lone Star Grand Prix on KRN”

  1. AWESOME NEWS!!! This looked like a great event last year, and this makes the LSGP only better!! Street races take our sport to the people and a live broadcast shows how serious the promoters are about making this race “a step above.” Can’t wait to see it!!!

  2. this is a great development for this race. People who didn’t go last year, well here’s youre chance to see how great the lone star race really is. the guys behind the event are first class and you can see they’re commitment with this news. krn coverage always the best, this will be good!!!

  3. i love watching these races from brasil, congrats to the event and krn! look forward to seeing a street race.

  4. I agree with others, this is a SUPERB development for this great event, and krn coverage of live karting is second to none. props to those who are making this happen.

  5. My nephew raced this event last year and had a complete blast. street races are exciting and regular folk get a chance to see what karting is all about. kudos to LSGP and KRN for this, gonna be great.

  6. Great news, I’ll be watching in the UK.

  7. What a GREAT event! I hope the drivers liked it because as a spectator it was a lot of fun! My brother raced this year and I really enjoyed watching. Good job Lockhart!

  8. Incredible event, incredible KRN coverage!!! great job by the city, by promoter and the broadcast team. street racing came “alive” on KRN, i will be racing this event next year!

  9. The quiet little City of Lockhart came alive over the weekend of March 2 & 3, 2013 with the introduction of the “Lonestar Grand Prix” to Central Texas. Visitors to Lockhart were amazed when they realized this was not your average go kart track race but instead…and I emphasize, “A WORLD CLASS KARTING EVENT”! The city is is abuzz about the weekend event and are already starting to look forward to next years event. City of Lockhart personnel are already planning to improve the race track for next year. The majority of the drivers said they LOVED the track because it was, in their words, “Scary and Fast”. Many of the drivers, especially in the shifter class’s, loved the ability to open up their Karts for some awesome speed down the straight away. Speaking for myself, I found the drivers to be super friendly and enjoyed their racing enthusiasm. Formula 1 has nothing on these guys except a bigger kart! 2014 here we come!

    • Couldn’t agree more, Lee!

      For those readers who may not know, Lee Weatherford is the City of Lockhart’s Public Works Director. Lee played a HUGE role in the staging, planning, and success of this event, AND in the success of our live broadcast here on Kart Racing Network.

      When you hear racers say “the city of Lockhart welcomed us with open arms”, Mr. Weatherford was a big part of that hospitality.

      • Thanks to the Staff of KRN and Lonestar Grand Prix Organization for putting Lockhart in the International limelight with your broadcast of some outstanding racing! We look forward to seeing you next year! KUDOS

    • Lee, just want to thank you and everyone else in teh city of Lockhart who helped make this event happen!! everywhere we went the city people were as kind and as polite as could be. can’t wait for next year!

    • this too was my first time watching kart races. so exciting!! never thought you could race these things through the streets, so AWESOME! to the people who made this happen, thanks for a great weekend and please come back next year!!!!!!!!!!

  10. This event was a blast. I live in Lockhart and was excited to hear that it was going to happen, but I must admit that I was more looking forward to it for my 7 year old as something new for him to see. I’m nat a race fan and until this weekend had never sat down and watched a race. I was really suprised at the speed and agility of the karts. I will say that now I am a race fan, at least a Kart fan. Good job Lee, Mayor White, and everyone else that helped pull this off. I can’t wait till next year.

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