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Kart Racing Network (www.kartracingnetwork.com) is pleased to announce that it will broadcast the 2015 Texas Lone Star Grand Prix, live from the streets of Lockhart, TX on March 6-8. For the third consecutive year, KRN will capture all the excitement as this unique event once again centers around the beautiful Caldwell County Courthouse building. The 2015 LSGP will feature an exclusive set of innovative Kart Racing Network enhancements: high definition streaming, HD graphics, eight camera positions with four cameramen, plus live grid interviews. For the second straight year, LSGP promoters have confirmed that two jumbotrons will be utilized so that the expected crowd of 15,000-20,000 spectators won’t miss one corner of the racing action. And a new addition for 2015 will be an extra day of live streaming on Friday (March 6); hosted by the exceptional people at Kreuz Market Texas Barbeque, KRN will have interviews with drivers, mechanics, team owners, and Lockhart city officials.

Last year’s broadcast of the Lone Star Grand Prix was seen in almost 40 countries around the world, including France, Mexico, Germany, United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina, Netherlands, Greece, Colombia, India, UAE, Switzerland, New Zealand, Pakistan, Portugal, Thailand and South Africa.

The live broadcast will be available at both kartracingnetwork.com and lonestargrandprix.us.

Broadcast times (tentative) are Central Standard/GMT – 6.

Friday, March 6 / 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Saturday, March 7 / 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Sunday, March 8 / 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

For the latest updates and information regarding the 2015 Texas Lone Star Grand Prix, visit the event website at lonestargrandprix.us or facebook.com/texaslonestargrandprix

To receive the latest programming updates, follow Kart Racing Network at facebook.com/kartracenetwork, or @kartracenetwork  on Twitter.

  4 Responses to “LIVE Broadcast of 2015 Texas Lone Star Grand Prix”

  1. Good Luck to my baby, John Morris in Chonda Heavy.
    Love, Amy

  2. Go Tyler Orum! #323 first big race in a new kart! Go bro go!

  3. Good luck Christian Duarte! – The Downey’s


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