Streaming Services


I want KRN to broadcast my event. How do we get started?
Kart Racing Network is the recognized leader in the production of live streaming internet video broadcasts of high profile karting events. Our personnel produced the Canadian and United States Rotax Grand Nationals, and in November 2011 we became the first-ever to live broadcast the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals from Al Ain, UAE. The Grand Finals production attracted over 25,000 unique viewer connections from 73 different nations. We offer live streaming video with instant replay, live timing and scoring, video marshalling and audience interactive services to the global karting community. Our staff is a dedicated team of professionals located in Europe, North/South America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

If you have a marquee event that you’d like to broadcast to the world, then Kart Racing Network is the solution. You provide a suitable internet connection, enough power to run our equipment, a secure broadcast location, and we do the rest. Need an announcer? We work with the best, none other than internationally renowned commentator Ken Walker.

Why KRN?
Professional experience. Our personnel have the experience of dependably broadcasting LIVE karting events; we’ve aired over 260 race finals in the past 40 months. There is no other company in the world who can make that claim.

We understand the logistics, planning, and due diligence that it takes to be successful when it’s time to go LIVE. Many others have tried, then abandoned it once the logistics simply overwhelmed them. Our experience separates us from the many casual attempts that have come and gone.

Global distribution of our live feed is another asset that KRN brings to the table. Sure, you’ve got your own feed on Ustream hosted by your own website, but who’s watching it? Who’s promoting it? Who’s distributing it? Was your promotional effort comprised of a mass email to your address book? If you’re going to commit to live video of your events, then you should be making every possible effort to distribute that product to as large an audience as possible. We’re here to help. And in that regard, KRN has the premier content delivery network to pump your product to every corner of the world. Our streaming video network has distribution hubs throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

Finally, once your event is complete, you don’t want it fade into the obscurity of the internet. KRN will archive your races for posterity, free to access and view at any time by anyone. Your sponsors/advertisers will appreciate the post-event exposure and your racers will enjoy watching themselves in action, along with their family and friends.

I’ve got my own crew and live video feed, can I still take advantage of KRN’s global content delivery network?
Absolutely. You’ve tried the free alternatives and you’ve found them lacking. To get the finest distribution and to promote and expose your event to a true global audience, Kart Racing Network offers those services for a nominal fee. When you host your event on your own series’ website, the ability to promote it beyond your series’ participants is massively limited. Hosting your event on KRN exposes your series/event to a much broader, global audience. Let us help you expand your viewership.

Who keeps the advertising money from my event’s KRN broadcast?
You do. Every single penny. In most events, promoters have little difficulty finding sponsorship that partially or completely offsets the cost of a KRN broadcast. Have your advertisers/sponsors bring their broadcast-ready ad and we’ll immediately insert it into the event ad rotation. If your advertisers need an ad produced for them, that is a service we can usually provide for a nominal fee.

Video marshalling?
You’ve got a great staff of race officials, now you’re ready to take it to the next level. KRN offers 6-10 camera video marshalling systems, allowing you to record every camera, for every lap of every race. Need to review a controversial start or Turn 4 incident? Replay and watch it, make sure the call is right.

What’s it going to cost?
We offer many levels of service for our live broadcasts, most of them tailor-made to a promoter’s particular demands and budget. Kindly visit our Contact page and include the following information: your name, promoter’s name/organization, event, and contact phone/email. Please, serious inquiries only.